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Punishing a child is not fair

” STOP YELLING, START CONNECTING” Most people thinks that punishment helps a child to do right thing. So if we aren’t punishing our children, they’ll grow up doing the wrong thing. That’s a wrong view. Punishment focuses a child on the consequences which he is suffering makes a child to feel like a bad person… Continue Reading →

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What are the TOP 10 parenting tips for parents?

Here are 10 tools that we have to make life in the family a smooth ride

  1. Identify your child’s strength
  2. Punishing a child is not fair
  3. Avoid negative emotion
  4. Don’t compare with others
  5. Get support if you need it
  6. Children need positive attention
  7. Give them interesting books to read
  8. ACCEPT the life changes
  9. Parent by EXAMPLES
  10. Don’t give UP on your child

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