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Does age matter to Anxiety attacks? Anxiety in different age groups.

What is anxiety ?

Anxiety is a feeling of unease, worry and nervousness that occurs in the absence of an imminent threat.It is different from ‘Fear’ that happens as a spontaneous response to any dangerous selection. Whereas anxiety is a part of body’s natural reaction to stress.

Many of us get anxious when we encounter a particular situation we find stressful. Anxiety is a common problem faced by people in this 21st century.

Anxiety becomes more common with older age especially amidst the middle age groups. So the types of anxiety that people face differs with age.

Among children Phobias are common. In middle-age groups Panic Disorders are common and in older adults anxiety disorder are quite commonly seen.

Meditation for clarity of Mind

Have you had the feeling of too many questionable thoughts run in your mind at the same time? These doubts are the infectious and reflects on your activity and presence of being in a place. It is of utmost importance to perform any task of the day. If you decide to do some activity today… Continue Reading →

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This quarantine, how can you learn to adapt mindfulness

With the spread of corona virus, people are stuck to their homes all over the world. This COVID-19 pandemic has given all of them to adapt to a new life out of the routine along with two other important lessons. One is to stay hygienic and to refrain from catching the virus now during the lockdown until a medicine is found. The other of-course is to boost our immune system

What are the benefits of Mindfulness ?

The practice of mindfulness benefits not only our bodies but also our minds

Does mindfulness affect our Body & Mind?

” In recent times, depression in people is often the cause of struggling to darkness and despair. This struggle includes both physical and mental illness”

How to practice Mindfulness ?

Practicing mindfulness is all about going away, coming back and repeating the same all over again. When someone asks “Are you present here”? We startle for a second and hurriedly answer them with a Yes !. But were we present with all the mind and body to that situation is something we have to question… Continue Reading →

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What is Mindfulness?

Are you overwhelmed or profusely worried about the things that happen around you? Here is what you need to stay cool and calm.

Stay focused to the present situation

For the basic human ability to be fully present on the current situation, aware of its happenings and not being judgmental upon this.

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