Best home gym for your workouts.

Home is always a strong supportive place where a day’s long challenges and problems. It creates a positive space for your personal health and fitness which proves to be a valuable tool for the betterment of your life.

It is much more convenient to have your home workout equipment than sweating it out in front of strangers, paying for costly memberships. In contrast to these, setting up a home gym could be a convenient option as you don’t have to drive yourself to the fitness center.

This quarantine, as the gyms are closed and you are locked up at your home, home workouts can help you stay fit and active.

How to set a home gym?

Setting up a gym at home with equipment that doesn’t occupy large spaces at home can bring in an atmosphere closer to your gym that you visited so long. Finding the best equipment for your personal home gym can be a confusing process if you are beginning with or you have limited space at home.

The following workout equipment can successfully help you start with a home gym.



A lot of exercises can be done with dumbbells. So purchasing them can seamlessly help you with endless workouts.

How to choose Dumbbells?

Always look out for hex shaped dumbbells with black rubber coating as those last longer and are comfortable for working out. It’s better to choose 3-5 ranges of weights for different exercises depending upon your capacity and the strength, you will be gaining.



Kettle bell movements are almost similar to dumbbells, so you may not choose to buy one, but certain kettlebell movements are unique and challenging than dumbbells.

How to get a Kettle Bell?

Looking out for kettlebells with smooth handles without a painted coating is the best choice.

Jump Rope


Have you not jumped since your childhood? Then for your astonishment, Jump ropes add in a lot to your workout routines in a big way.

How to choose a Jump rope?

If you are beginners just get a durable rope. If you are skilled at jumping for years, then get a light weighted one to concentrate on time or a heavy jump rope to increase your muscle strength.

Medicine Ball


A medicine ball is a great tool for all your core strengthening movements. This is an essential purchase because it gives your throwing it or doing abdominal exercise.

How to choose a Medicine Ball?

Look out for a soft medicine ball when you do exercise involving throwing and catching whereas if you aren’t sure of the right weight, then stick to a lightweight medicine ball as these exercises concentrate on speed and power.

Balance Ball


Balance Balls are great to add one to your home gym as they contribute to body stretches and strengthening your ability. Balance balls are great to spine strengthening thereby back injury recovery.

How to choose a Balance Ball?

Look out for the right size as per your height. If you are of normal height between 5ft to 6ft, then opt for 55cm ball size or if you are taller go for 75cm ball.



It can be almost used anywhere and at any time exercises with TRX builds flexibility, core & joint stability burns. If you are a beginner, then you can push, pull, hang, squat and rotate with these suspensions.

How to choose a TRX Suspension?

Lookout for TRX Suspension where ankle straps are adjustable and the straps are light in weight.



These add variety to your workouts. They are convenient, versatile and safe. They come in different colors according to tension levels.

How to choose a Resistance Band?

Choose a resistance band as per a muscle requirement. There are a wide variety of bands – double bands, circular bands, figure 8. If you are a beginner, choose a simple long band with a padded handle.

Exercise Bench


There are many exercises that you can do with an exercise bench. Dumbbells and Exercise Bench are a great combination as every particular exercise concentrates on a specific part of a body.

How to choose an Exercise Bench?

The ability to lift weights differs from person to person so, make sure to choose the right bench to support your level of weightlifting.

Yoga Mat


The yoga mat is essential equipment for the gym at home. All stretches and floor exercises are preferably done on yoga mats than exercising on the floor.

Battle Rope


An effective and powerful way to work on belly fat is by using battle ropes. If you want to build your muscles then battle ropes are of great help.

How to choose a Battle Rope?

Battle ropes are chosen based on a purpose. For muscle building, a thicker or a 2-inch battle rope of 40 – 60 ft is useful, otherwise, for cardio stamina, use a thinner rope or 1.5 inches of the same length.

There is no need to create a fully functional home gym that will stand out of your budget and occupies plenty of spaces. Start with very basics and keep an eye on any additions to your gym. When time and money is right, you can add them.

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