This quarantine, how can you learn to adapt mindfulness

Revamp yourself during this challenging time to grow your health and well-being .”

With the spread of corona virus, people are stuck to their homes all over the world. This COVID-19 pandemic has given all of them to adapt to a new life out of the routine along with two other important lessons. One is to stay hygienic and to refrain from catching the virus now during the lockdown until a medicine is found. The other of-course is to boost our immune system.

Well.. carrying out our duties as before during this lockdown may seem to look a stress free routine, as we don’t have to travel to our office or we find enough time with our family but what seems relaxing externally is in itself a tedious routine to carry on. Our hours of office work extends beyond the usual timings, kids stay at home all day long and the endless news on increasing number of corona affected cases, all of these fill our minds with anxiety pressure, fear and restlessness throughout the day.

With such swamp of thoughts, we have already long gone from the present moment where only a small portion of our attention stays back with what we do at that moment. Does this even help us bring out the best in us in what we do along with stressing out ourselves with unnecessary thoughts.

How could we tackle stress management and pay complete attention to the situation we are present in and being aware of it’s happening?

Practice these five simple steps to achieve mindfulness.

As selfless humans, let’s all benefit from staying indoors by starting to practice mindfulness while we help the others out there control the spread of this virus.


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