How to practice Mindfulness ?

Practicing mindfulness is all about going away, coming back and repeating the same all over again.

When someone asks “Are you present here”? We startle for a second and hurriedly answer them with a Yes !. But were we present with all the mind and body to that situation is something we have to question ourselves. To the truth, most of the times we are not.

Our past memories or thoughts are inevitably stuck to our minds so strong that partial attention to the timely moments is lost. Though we believe in being completely present, the fact to know is that we are only physically present and mentally partial absent to the moment but how do we come out of this and be available to the very moment? The answer is practicing the art of mindfulness.

While mindfulness is a natural quality that we are missing upon, it may seem simple to inherit but it is not all that easy. We need to create space and time every day and keep doing it.

Here’s a practice to help you get started

  1. Find a place: The first step, to begin with, is to look out for a place to sit that feels serene, calm and silent to you.
  2. Set a time limit: Well… if you are a beginner, you can always choose a short time of about 5 to 10 minutes. Once you are used to this practice, you can prolong this by gradually increasing the time limit.
  3. Pay heed to your body: You can choose to sit on a chair, on the floor with your legs crossed or any other posture in which you feel comfortable and steady. Make sure to sit in a position that makes you stay long.
  4. Feel your breath: You relax to concentrate on your breathing. Follow your breath as you inhale and exhale.
  5. Notice if your mind wanders: Slowly and unavoidably your attention to your breath will shift to wander on other things that may be on work to complete in the next few hours or your past bitter experience whatsoever. When you notice this, turn your attention to your breath in a few seconds or minutes.
  6. Don’t be harsh on your wandering mind: Don’t be obsessed or angry on yourself for the continuous flashing of thoughts and not paying attention to your breath. Just go back and concentrate

You are all set to go! This is a simple practice to boost your motivation to achieve mindfulness. Not to end up, you got to practice this daily to make it a Habit.

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