What is Mindfulness?

Are you overwhelmed or profusely worried about the things that happen around you? Here is what you need to stay cool and calm.

Stay focused to the present situation

For the basic human ability to be fully present on the current situation, aware of its happenings and not being judgmental upon this.

Life is too busy where multitasking has taken over our day-to-day routines. We sit down to drink coffee while scrolling down the e-mails or we are used to cooking supper while monitoring our kids in their school work. We have unknowingly moved to live a race where our attention to details of the present situation is missed out.

While mindfulness is something that we naturally have that can be readily and easily incarnated in our lives by daily practices.

This state of achieving awareness by purposely focusing our attention on the present moment can help us achieve a whole lot of happiness and reduce stress.

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